As nervous minds shiver to no avail, the infuriating scribbling and relentless turning of page just as the waves clash against the rocks, ‘5 minutes left’. If we’ve ever had formal education, we all know this feeling. The test. The one thing that we fight, strive, yearn, sacrifice for, in which the result is 1 letter or 2 numbers, if you’re lucky you get the magic 3 numbers. The build-up is the most interesting human phenomena. How will we prepare for it? There’s a lot of factors with how we study, for example, the amount of days we have until that test, how many tests do we have and how are they spaced out, will we take a break before and after the test, how much material do we have to cover, is it cumulative, should I focus on the details or get a general glimpse of the information? It definitely is an art to discern the answers to these question, if we’re lucky, we’ve figured out our ‘thing’, if not, we’ve been in school for 12 years (if you’re in Canada, including elementary, middle and high school) and we’ve learned nothing. We should be able to know how we work best, right? I beg to differ. In fact, we will never know how we work best, there’s a lot of factors involved with how we work as well? Research has shown that we work best in different environment in order to create more associations to the information that we need to retain. But doesn’t that mean that we’ve created a lot more associations than we need? I think it’s definitely an art that we always need to refine and master, and who knows if we’ll ever master it. As life is a journey and a process, they’ll always be new techniques, new research, new methods to which we can try to put our fingers on and hopefully, that will improve our marks or our capacity to retain information.