Wow! 2nd semester has already started and it’s underway. There is a familiar feel of the 1st semester, without the shock and awe. I was a Froph for Frost week if I didn’t say it before, but it was an amazing experience nevertheless. There were times were I did feel like a soph, and there were times when I experienced things like a frosh, so it was pretty good, as cliche as it is, you actually got the best of both worlds.

This semester I have established a few goals for myself, like improving my grades, staying on top of my homework (doing pre-reading and post-reading for lectures), and still being a member of the several clubs that I was in. The Acapella Project now is even more amazing and it feels awesome being in it and having the chance to take leads (although, I’m pretty average), but its good to be a part of such a tight-knit crew. I was also in the flashmob, and that was really interesting, hahaha, really really fun. I would recommend anyone out there to be in a flashmob, there’s the feeling of “togetherness” and just a sense of unity, doing something cool like that, together. I’m hesitant on taking guitar lessons because I’ve already gotten my acapella group, so right now it’s just the research and volunteer aspect that I need to sort of look on.

Today was an awesome day, very productive, dong tons of physics and bio which was top-notched, and I had a dodgeball game. It was intense. I missed the first game, which was alright, but when I got on that court, there was a feeling of excitement that built up. It was the game that I loved, very fun and very challenging. My emotions were running high, and I really wanted to win. It was fun, but my sense of sportmanship hid itself and I stooped to the level of overlooking someone’s hit on me and I didn’t walk out of court and took the no-whistle from the ref. There was a sense of guilt that I felt, but I took something huge out of this. What is really worth more? My sense of character and dignity or a loss from a dodgeball game that had no merit to it (no prizes, no trophies; just intermural, for the sake of enjoyment) I knew that character is important. It’s huge! From a high adrenaline game, my prideful self gave in and stooped low. Very low. But you know what, It’s alright. I’ve learnt well. It just shows a lot of things.

It shows why people lie. Why do people lie? People lie, because they are afraid of the truth. It makes sense and it should be obvious, but I find that so true in so many cases of our lives. We are afraid of ourselves, and facing the real us. Some of us are better liars than others and it’s hard to see how much we’ve lied because we’ve believed in our lies for so long. Look at the situation of pornography. It is a lie in itself. We cheat the system of getting a girlfriend, making a commitment and sharing that intimacy to be able to have that connection to finally enjoy the real thing, and the fantasy that we enjoy so much is a huge lie. There is a belief that everyone does it. So what? So many times we’ve been told this and we really have just overlooked it. Life is too fragile to do this to ourselves. You know what we’re actually doing? This is what I got from my experience today. As human beings, we want to experience things and many times our patience runs so thin that we allow ourselves to have the fake experience, to just have ANY sense of experience. Unintentionally we are actually robbing ourselves of the real thing. At times, we become so relentless to feel anything, that as long as we get a hint of it (not even the real thing), we become satisfied. Oh, that’s when you know you’ve been trapped. Trapped by deciet and lies. Yup, you know that, that sense of gratification and that sense of satisfaction is just temporary, it’s like getting sprayed by a mist of water when we could’ve gotten a huge downpour of water to shower ourselves if we were to just be patient.

Life is tough like that, but it’s really worth it. I believe that nobody wants to have the necessary satisfaction, but for so long, we’ve felt disappointed at the things that WERE suppose to happen. But you know what, life goes on. Just keep on believing and keep on hoping. Remember who you are, where you come from, and what you can do, because that is your identity, don’t forget it. You are a lot more than what you’ve done today. Live on those experiences and keep on looking up.That’s for today and for the rest of our lives. God will always be good.

Yesterday was pretty amazing. Busy day. Well not as busy as I thought it will be, but nevertheless it was an awesomely busy day. I had classes which was really good, and then I planned out the day from 3:30-7… where at 3:30 I met Alvin, one of my T.A.’s for a media assignment for psych. He is such an awesome guy, very friendly, willing to help you out, and he actually does care for you, which is amazing. After that I was walking to an elevator and I saw this interesting girl (she’s beautiful and a grad student). I talked to her and it was pretty cool, but I wanted to hang out with her but didn’t get the chance to ask for her number. Stuff like that happens (I actually saw her later on in the day), but I needed to go to an interview at 4:20. It was actually 4:00 and I wanted to do a little bit of reading before the interview, but it was 4:20 after those 20 minutes and I looked around. She texted me and I found her, but before that I was looking around and I saw the elevator grad girl, what are the odds eh? Anyways, the interview went pretty well, I hoped.

I had an awesome trayboganning experience but that’s for next time.

“Our greatest fear is not that we are inadequate, our greatest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure” -Marianne Williamson