This journey that i’ve been in, the moves that I’ve made and the blogs that I’ve posted last September, they are still a part of me. There has been so many things that has been going on these past 4  months that I can’t begin to start.

Western is such an incredible university. There has been zero regrets of ever going there, the environment is amazing, the student life is amazing, and the opportunities that has been given to me is amazing. I’ve met countless people and I’ve made a few friends and there has just been such an attachment to the university life. After a week and a half of winter break, there is a part of western that I miss and that I’m excited to go back to. This winter break  has been filled with a lot of things.

Before that I should’ve blogged about midterm exams and final exams. First things first, they were awesome. There’s something about the examinations that makes me really excited. Is it the challenge that excites me or is it that I want to be tested to see how much I truly know or be able to grasp? It just gets  my heart pumping from the very beginning of the exam to the end. My results were not that great (and I know I could do a whole lot better), but my marks have been fair (as I always tell people). Fair? I think they were pretty good, but I’m aiming higher for next semester. It’s that expectation that you put on yourself. I completely agree that if you understood the concepts early on, you don’t have to stuff all the information into your brain at the end or middle of the semester, that’s no good. That’s why for this next semester, I have to do pre-lecture reading/notes, listen actively during lecture, and post-lecture reading/notes. It might take a little bit of time, but I want to see if it’s more effectively.

Before the Christmas holiday break, I also had the opportunity to volunteer at a old-age nursing home (for those with Alzheimer’s/Dementia) and it was an amazing experience. That was the first old-age home that I’ve actually felt alive, with the live music entertainment when we were putting up the trees and the care that I felt for the seniors there. It actually looked like a fun place to be in, in spite of the news about how common elderly abuse is in those homes and rumours of the terrible conditions that they’re living. It sort of feels like home in a way. One huge thing I learned there is to not be afraid to live your life. I understand that I always say that but, my goodness, being surrounded by people of age there is a feeling of vulnerability in your lack of experience and your lack of living, but it gets your spirit up to keep on living and to experience everything in life, to not regret anything at that old age. The perks of joining Alzheimer Western Society and the Pre-Med Society is giving you a ton of volunteer opportunities.

I’ve also got the chance to join the Pre-Med Dodgeball team and it was enthralling to be a part of that. We finished one season in the one semester and got a through the 1st round of playoffs, but 2nd round we were defeated in a gruesome battle. I got hit in the face and I think stretched/pulled my groin/quad. It hurts, but it was worth the pain. 🙂

I had the chance to join an Accapella group which was such a right decision to make. At first, I was feeling sort of iffy on how much commitment I could take but it’s been an incredible ride. I had the chance to actually be in the 1st flashmob and the unity that you feel among the group was just amazing. It was really fun and it was brilliant. Hopefully there will be many more flashmobs to come, but the feeling that I get out of singing with the group is just right.

I’ve also joined in the guitar club as well, but that’s another thing for another time.

I’ve learned that adventures are as awesome as I’ve imagined. Hahaha, I went to Toronto twice to go on my bookstore adventures (or hunting) and they were incredible. Seeing stores, talking, imaging the life of being a bookstore owner, buying books, reading the books, eating in random restaurants, every part of the journey was amazing. At times, I realized that I wanted everything to go well, to reach every book store and smell the presence of the books that have been read and what it meant to read those words. It’s that energy that I get from knowing that the authors have poured a lot of their efforts, their mind, their passion on writing on a piece of paper, a piece of toilet paper, a piece of whatever they can get their hand on to put down their ideas and inspiration on paper so they don’t forget about it. I bought 3 books on my 1st journey, ‘Bridges of Wave’, ‘Musicophilia’ and ‘The World in Six Songs’. These books are about music and about the brain, still my passion in life. I’ve started Bridges of Wave, and the author starts the reader off in a journey to re-discover music through the re-discovery of simple everyday mechanism of life such as walking. That book excites me, and I’m also re-starting ‘Influence’, a well-known book, so i’ve heard about the psychology of persuasion and I’m learning a lot from that as well.

This winter break I was given a psychology assignment and I chose to do music therapy which suits me well, and this project allowed to go out and buy these books, knowing that I’m probably not going to use the books for my projects, just ideas that I may be able to incorporate. There’s something intriguing about this assignment, but it just stirs me up, when i’m doing it.

There’s a lot on my mind, but till then.